The IPAC-IPOP Principle

The IPAC-IPOP Principle stands for Individual Power And Choice – Inner Peace Outer Power.

No matter what situation one is in, no matter how it might look on the surface to you or anyone else, no matter how it feels, the individual always has some power and choice. Quite often and preferably, our IPAC-IPOP will have a sudden and powerful availability. Other times, our IPAC-IPOP may be severely limited to something only internal and private, to a realization of meaning and purpose. But no matter what is happening or we think may happen, one’s IPAC-IPOP is always present. The capacity is there.  There may not always be a visible display of any power. The choice may not necessarily be one’s first, second, or even third. Nonetheless, upon reflection, some of the greatest and most important examples of  IPAC-IPOP moments in one’s life may very well be the times when one learned a great truth and wisdom from great difficulty and challenge. That may be precisely when a great learning or powerful meaning was realized, perhaps when one learned, really understood and accepted, that when we let go of the demanding and musting ego-I self, we can see that some of the most beautiful and most important times and learning events in a person’s entire lifetime can be beyond that old insisting sense of “me,” that some things are bigger and more important than just that “me.” That old constant chorus of “me, me, me” has been the death of many people. One can die, at least on the inside, of what I call “self-suffocation.” It happens way too often.

The point is, at times, life brings us challenging life event opportunities. Every one of us is visited at some point, without exception. Now there is no guarantee that we will even see the opportunity in our typical mundane blur, much less take advantage of it, but the potential for IPAC-IPOP will always be there. One of the few really good things about getting older, is that we may finally learn from the life patterns we experience and develop a greater capacity to see and take advantage of powerful IPAC-IPOP responses!

Unfortunately these days, there is another constant chorus of those who want us to be weak and unquestioning, to submit to rule, to follow as told, to basically shut up and obey. They have agendas that are never in your best interests. They want the power to control you. It’s all about power. Their power. They do not believe what you believe. The concept of individual power and choice scares them. It challenges their authority so they fight back like crazed jackals at those who do not submit like passive sheep. IPAC-IPOP people are like sheepdogs and are not fooled by the lure of safe sameness and see past the threats of labeling, isolation, and attack. Instead, we love personal liberty and freedom, individual uniqueness, and are ready to meet life head on with our IPAC-IPOP proudly waving, doing the very best we can, at any moment in time, no matter what.

When necessary, we exercise our rights to defend and fight back as necessary using learned tactical skills. We exercise our own power and choice as our own first responders. We are not and never will be dependable victims! We only see IPAC-IPOP moments and stand at the ready to protect ourselves and our loved ones. IPAC-IPOP begins with liberty and transforms inner peace to powerful action.


Unfortunately, many people get stuck in limiting toxic beliefs and defeatist behavior patterns. They not only don’t believe they have IPAC-IPOP, they can’t even conceive of it. They feel weak and dependent, victimized by someone or life itself, just waiting to be led by others. They honestly do not know they have potential IPAC-IPOP. It’s sad when this happens, but it’s so much easier for some to manipulate and control others who feel hopeless and wait to be ordered about by those waiting for and relishing the opportunity to take advantage over them, for one purpose or another. For some, it’s life’s sweetest gain. They live for it! Power and control!

The IPAC-IPOP Principle is very much interwoven in meditation, hypnosis, all change work, and both my AIM and STAT techniques. And that’s the whole point. To always begin by evoking a balanced calmness, clarity, and readiness, plan a high quality often heroic response to life (short-term or long-term), and then skillfully act on it with strength and resolve, dignity and purpose! No matter what is happening or may happen, IPAC-IPOP people know they can rely on their skills and wisdoms, proudly, with courage, to achieve calmness, clarity, and deliver their chosen course of action. They accept their human condition, their sometimes burden of being. But they do so proudly, even nobly. They look forward to their IPAC-IPOP response-ability. They both accept was is and accept what isn’t. They always ask questions and seek both known and unknown options on Freedom’s Road. And they can see and build on that road ahead (short-term or long-term), and move ahead on it, regardless of what life and circumstances may bring around the bend.

The capacity for IPAC-IPOP is always always present. Whether we see it and act on it is the question that life asks, of us. How we answer it is a huge part of the meaning and quality of our lives!