If meditation is empty hypnosis, then hypnosis is time-urgent, richly goal-specific meditation. At Busch Hypnotherapy, I use modern approaches to the general hypnotic model as developed by the noted psychiatrist Dr. Milton H. Erickson (1901-1980), the father of medical hypnosis and modern hypnotherapy. Ericksonian hypnotherapy is the state of the art and science of modern clinical hypnosis. Milton Erickson was my teacher’s teacher!

Dated misunderstandings commonly implied by most all stage hypnotists, inaccurate television reporting, and classic old movies such as Svengali (no matter how entertaining), are not fostered in my office. Nor are dangling pocket watches or whirling spiral wheels still used by some one-session “hype-notists” and “hypno-kooks” who may in part ask for eye closure so they are not seen reading the same tired scripts to everyone. Some of these people further justify their often exorbitant fees by selling canned tapes that are to be listened to for 30 days in order to “reprogram the mind.” If the client fails to listen to the tapes many times a day for 30 days and then “fails,” that failure is automatically deemed to be the fault of the client by a written contract! And the “hypnotherapist” automatically has nothing to do with it, by written contract. What a potential con! The vast majority of respected experts in the field do not believe that the mere repetition of generic “magic words” alone is likely to be enough for dependable long term change over placebo and chance expectancy. Computers are programmed. People learn. Conditioned, yes. Programmed, no. This entire concept of “programming” a human being is off the mark. To me, it insults human dignity and trivializes the many challenges of what it is to be a human being, accepting our human condition, as we grow and have the potential to learn a great many things over the course of our lives that enable us to make better choices, and hopefully live longer, happier lives. 

At Busch Hypnotherapy, no scripts are read, no tapes are sold. All sessions are one-on-one. I do not believe in group hypnotherapy nor limit a client to one session for many reasons. Usually about three sessions are offered so there is plenty of time for comfort and learning. What is said is tailor-made for each unique individual as part of a balanced, comprehensive, hypnotic intervention with many techniques selected for each unique situation.

Every client learns not one, but many types of self-hypnosis. The belief system of each client is respected and used all the way through our work together. Client care, comfort, and the likelihood of success will not come in second behind the profitability of tape sales and a 50 minute hour of group work in a hotel room or on stage from a fast talker in a powder blue suit who is leaving town the next day! It is sometimes another potential con! Under those theatrical circumstances, what little is said to too many at once may all too easily be forgotten and absolutely useless by the time you get back to your car in the parking lot. I completely reject it! Here is a quote from Dr. Erickson about psychotherapy that is equally true of hypnotherapy.

I offer comprehensive hypnotherapy counseling in a comfortable setting and at a fair fee. My office is conveniently located just 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, between Passavant Hospital and Ross Park Mall. You will learn to reliably experience meditation, eyes-open and speed techniques, with many variations for the different situations and conditions you find and need in your life. The latter are instant techniques that you will learn to do for yourself in just seconds. 

Our work together will be multifaceted – things to think, things to do, and the hypnotic skills to practice and master for greater ease and focus on your new way to be. This will be our formula for potential change and transformation.

What happens in the office is not like any stage or TV show, but a relaxing and soothing time of profound learning and growth. Hypnosis is not about famously fanciful terms like being put “under” or going to “sleep,” but rather waking up and reclaiming your options and choices, your power! You will be honored and respected at all times in an arena of peaceful stillness. I will teach you to recreate this comfort for yourself, almost anywhere, anytime. In this life, you will need it … as do I and everyone.

Most of the issues I am ethically comfortable working with center around stress responses, patterns, and habits that you are experiencing right now in your daily life. This would include powerful stress response skills, tension, worry, smoking cessation, nail biting, athletic excellence of any sport, artistic performance of any kind, study habits, stuttering, fear of flying, public speaking, shyness, lack of confidence, etc.

I find it especially gratifying to work with medical concerns like hypertension, headaches, insomnia, and issues of discomfort that may be suitable for complimentary hypnotic work. In all medical instances, a specific written referral must first come from your doctor. I am not a medical doctor nor a psychologist. Any involvement on my part is seen purely as an adjunct to assist your doctor in treating you, his or her patient. If you have a particular question or area of medical concern, feel free to contact me but please, ask your doctor.

Business people in the corporate arena, lawyers and their clients who are nervous about testifying can also do well to study the instant, profoundly relaxing techniques available to them. These skills go right to work with them during their busy day. Ask me how you can learn to feel better on the job, right at your desk, in the boardroom, courtroom, schoolroom, wherever, and perform more effectively as a result. Comfort, inner calm, and readiness enhance the productivity, the profit, and the effectiveness of whatever you do that will become the quality and experience that is your life! Special arrangements may even be worked out with your employer. Contact me to find out how.

Who is most likely to succeed in hypnotherapy?

Those who are well-Motivated, Ready, and Serious for change to do and feel better. I call this my MRS model, a Busch original. This type of person is typically intelligent and open to new things and ideas. They are excited and eager to learn new ways to feel comfort and earn the right achieve success.

Who is unlikely to succeed in hypnotherapy?

Those who think hypnosis is a magic panacea where a few magic words alone are going to instantly change their life. This type of person has little to no intention of making a personal, concerted effort that they must make in order to earn success. Without a major cognitive shift in attitude and intention, I reserve the right to screen out and not work with those who can’t get over their false magical expectations that reliable miracles are just going to instantly, automatically happen to them when they hear a few magic words. Mind you, I wish that fantasy were true! But it is not. That’s for the fast talking programmers in their powder blue suits to sell with their signed contracts.

I already know you deserve to do and feel better and are worth your investment of money, time, and participation … but do you? Are you truly MRS?

Did you know that FREE WILL is not free? That’s right. We must pay for it with our Time, Energy, and Attention. I call this my TEA model, another Busch original. Add in Money, and we have a TEAM commitment. I am always honored to hear from MRS TEAM people. They bring tremendous gifts and unpurchasable resources for their growth and future success.

For a final word on this, here’s a quote from my book THE BUSCH FACTOR (2006, page 93):

“You must learn to pay with your attention before you can pay attention.”

If you live in the greater Pittsburgh area and are interested in doing some good work for yourself, jot down some basic information. What is your issue or concern? What do you feel is lacking? What do you really want to accomplish? Why? Why now?

Call me. We’ll talk for a few minutes and see what seems right for you. Initial phone consultations are always free.

If you live outside Western Pennsylvania and wish to work with me, call me. Special scheduling is a possibility. Life is filled with possibility.

Our contract is simple – my best for your best. You have my word on it!