Teaching Master Class



Because of the many cultural changes in how our world of mystery now operates, in recent years, I have become reticent to publish any more books or release anything. It’s been a personal decision that reflects many reasons “why.” As a result, I received the gift of extra time for other pursuits. And, the secrets to my best and most mature creations remain for the most part, known only to me and very few confidants. At this point in time and my life, it’s time for a change. And so, here we are …

A TEACHING MASTER CLASS – TMC – is scheduled for

3 days in mid-August, 2018, in Pittsburgh, PA.

This is not a typical lecture where attendees walk out “snowed over in a blur,” able to do little to none of what just flew by them. Yes, they briefly saw the recipe. But they still can’t make the food. Rather, my TMC is an interactive smorgasbord of teaching and immediate practice where everyone learns together to actually do what they have just seen. You will walk away with tools and performance pieces you can actually use. You will not only learn what and how I do what you see, but be coached on the spot in how to do it and practice it up for yourself in class, later in your room, and then again the next day to address your questions. This is hands-on coaching where everybody learns together as peers in an atmosphere of sharing, immediate guidance, refinement, and fun! If you only want to see secrets, enjoy the show, and miss out on the fun of actually learning new skills and selected highlights of my exclusive material that you will want to use in your future presentations, then my TMC is not for you. And that’s O.K.

What will I teach? A great many things, including some that many of you have been asking to learn for many years, even decades! Well, your time has come. And your time is now.

Before we go any further, I should tell you that there is a Contract of Expectation in play, and here it is. I will do my very best to teach you the psychology and method of everything I teach. Together, we will break it all down, step by step, each taking turns doing it. You’ll practice. Then we’ll have another go at it, again and again, as time permits. After that, as always, it’s up to you and your very best effort and abilities. Remember, it’s my very best for your very best. We’ll hold each other to it. In my TMC, that is our binding contract.

Here are just some of the unreleased publications, major underground works, and “real work” advancements that I will select from, depending on time and group interest. But after all these years, I already have a pretty good idea of what you’ll want and has to be included!

** INSTANT Q. & A. (The unreleased, revised 25th Anniversary Edition): How to answer the unspoken unwritten question.

The original edition of this is fine as is, but it’s old to me and will be left to those who have it. This revised 25th Anniversary Edition is much improved for three reasons: (1) It’s streamlined, yet expanded in a very clever way. (2) It’s much easier. (3) It’s exactly how I perform it today. Even if you have the 1992 edition, believe me, I’ll bring a big bright smile to your face with this! You’ll find it both better and easier than before for a very good reason. It is!

Instant Q. & A. is something you can do in an instant when the time is right, with and for the right person. If you stop and think about it, and I always want you to do that, you are offering them a future memory of a very powerful experience worth remembering! This must be your performance attitude if you want to learn this from me and then perform it. It’s all about their experience and future memory.

My revised INSTANT Q. & A. is a joy, something you’ll always have with you. Easy for me to claim, since there is absolutely nothing you need to have with you, except the revised Instant Q. & A. technique itself.

** PEEK OVATIONS – The long awaited unreleased finale of the Busch Peek Trilogy (Peek Performances, Peek Encores, Peek Ovations).

I will reveal to you by demonstration and teaching my “Annemann Position” approach and philosophy first explained in Peek Encores 15 years ago in 2003, including the legendary Busch’s Billet. That billet, now known as Busch’s Billet I, has been refined, improved, and greatly expanded upon over the years. It also led to a great number of other billets. Some obviously are already in print, but most of the others are not. Over the years, I’ve created many dozens of billets and peeks, with various components, applications, and jobs to do. I’ve even categorized them and given some names, like The Special Delivery Peek I & II, La Peek De La Voyeur, Victory, and an unpublished one I proudly dedicate to Charlie Chaplin. During our time together, I faithfully promise to spend considerable time with you on peeks 90, 123, and 124. Three of my best! Come study with me, and peeks 90, 123, and 124 will become three of your best too!

For this TMC, I realize a line has to be drawn somewhere as we will not spend all 3 days on billets and peeks, unless I can include peeking into a person’s mind and planting suggestions. So since time is going to be a factor even over 3 days, and I want to cover as much as possible and still really teach you the material, I’ve decided to offer a Busch TMC Top 10 or so. You will delight in seeing how Busch’s Billet I, grew into II, III, IV, V, etc. You will love the etc., many with the very same billet. You will thrill to an exciting adventure of new, breakthrough discoveries, concepts, and presentations way beyond just information acquisition! It really has been a BILLET EVOLUTION! Busch’s Billet is by far and away the most flexible billet I’ve ever studied. You will learn first-hand “why.”

All of the billets I will personally teach you have immediate, amazingly clear access. Without revealing more than I care to on the internet, all I can say is you will learn many original billets and new, exclusive peeks. My premiere billets all feature multiple looks, for you, and the audience. One of my favorites offers you a potential DOZEN different or related peeks, depending on the routine and literally how you feel at the moment! In other words, my billets can be used repeatedly and offer you more presentational freedom, opportunity, and bigger and better viewing areas than you probably ever imagined possible! These are the billets I myself use today!

To pay homage to Marlo, what I have created is a REVOLUTIONARY BILLET TECHNIQUE, part of a new generation of IN-VISIBLE peeks. You peek IN while the billet is VISIBLE. Instant IN. Instant OUT. A door OPENS. A door CLOSES. All in an instant. The many presentations, applications, and variations are products of new, expansive thinking such as THE SUPERMAN TECHNIQUE. Much of it could literally be performed with one hand behind your back! To pay homage to Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek TV show:

“My continuing mission … to foldly go, where no billet has gone, before!”

If you come study with me, I will share with you what will be seen by many as worthy solutions to my own ANNEMANN CHALLENGE featuring my ANNEMANN POSITION as first revealed in Peek Encores 15 years ago in 2003. If you are a lover of fine billet work, you will find my latest advancements and new concepts to be as historical and practical as they are satisfying. To paraphrase Colonel Pickering, like a glorious cup of tea, my work will warm you inside.

If you come study with me, your entire approach to billets and peeks will expand and change profoundly. You will enjoy a much greater freedom with spacious, 100% access using my Annemann Position “at the fingertips for more visibility” approach. And nothing can give you more than 100% instant access no matter how hard you wish for it! The good news is, your wish will be granted this August with my latest developments since Peek Encores. You will learn many superior 100% instant access methods with features and displays you have not seen before. These are features and displays you will want to learn and master. I can’t wait to personally teach them to you. Peek Ovations is waiting for you! And so am I!

At this point, I could overload the hell out of you and you may not sleep in anticipation, so I’d better stop. But for now, here are just three effects. (1) “THE MOMENT” – I will teach you how to show the process and the moment a participant’s thought travels from their mind to yours. They will convincingly know the moment it arrives! (2) “FEEL BETTER” – I will teach you the world’s only billet routine that actually allows a participant to genuinely feel better, right on the spot. They really will feel better, and be quite pleasantly surprised about it! (3) “BUSCH’S MAGNUM BILLET” – I will teach you how to place an open, pre-folded billet on the table. Your guest into the World of Mystery, the Author of their Thought, secretly writes anything, anywhere on the billet, and turns it face down. You tap the face-down billet. As it instantly refolds and closes, you pick it up and display it at your fingertips in Annemann Position. Showing it closed, it is gently rubbed once or twice, and returned to the table, tent style. You know the information and can end as you wish!

All and all, and regardless of your present level of billet expertise, your billet and peek thirsts will be quenched and satisfied with some new refreshing material, not the usual rehash. You will drink deep at the well of a new technology with THE TITAN BILLET, THE TIME TRAVEL BILLET, THE HYPNOTIC BILLET, and more! One of my best friends in the whole world, Larry Becker, told me a long time ago: “Sometimes Richard, you just gotta toot your own horn.” Well Larry, I’m tooting. Come study with me and learn how you can toot too!

And you’ll have good reason. You see, you’ll always have in your pocket, what I always have in mine. A Busch’s Billet, always at the ready, and always ready to go. Your guest can write or draw anything, anywhere. Yet my billets will whisper their secrets to you. The handlings all flow, these digital ballets I have honed over the last 15 years. It’s all so simple, now. So smooth. So effortless.

The new and exclusive selections I have in mind for you will mark a fitting conclusion to the Busch Peek Trilogy. You will be very pleased and after mastering them (especially your favorites), you will have a lifetime to decide “all right, which one shall I use today in this particular performing situation?”

As one of my private students earning the right to perform my REVOLUTIONARY BILLET TECHNIQUE through dedicated practice (and I will even teach you secrets about how to practice), you will be part of my EVOLUTIONARY BILLET REVOLUTION. It will be a great educational adventure for all of us! That’s how my TMC will be. We will all learn and grow together, including me! You see, it has been a lifelong revelation of mine, that teaching (and even doing therapy for that matter) are always educational eye-openers. And I am continually grateful for such privilege.

** BUSCH AT ANY NUMBER … AND OTHER THINK-A-CARDS: An Encyclopedic Study (No Gimmicks, No Gaffs, No Memory, No Stacks), unreleased.

Because I use an ordinary deck that has been Shuffled, I call my approach to ACAAN, SACAAN. And after I’ll teach you some of my secrets, I SAY you CAN perform them too. I often begin with an impromptu “super secret subtlety” and finish with my “knockout kicker” ending besides the participant “merely” dealing to their own number and turning over their card at their number, that is, a card they merely thought of, they dealt to, and turned over themselves in a shuffled deck I do not touch. This feat can also be done in an even higher dramatic manner with your Participant dealing to a number and card from a shuffled deck that matches your previously tabled, untouched written single or dual premonition!

I will teach you methods for both “at the table” as well as “stand-up” from the hundreds of unreleased pages I have written up over more years than I care to admit to. Think-A-Cards, Open Prediction, Invisible Deck, Brainwave, forces, controls including The Busch Control, The STAR Premonition, The STAR Think-A-CardThe Precision Force, breakthrough work on Dai Vernon’s Famous Mental Card Force, and really so much more, all with No Gimmicks, No Gaffs, No Memory, No Stacks. After SACAAN performances over the phone, Ken Krenzel said to me: “Richard, do you know what you’ve created here?” Barrie Richardson honest to G-d “SCREAMED” when he turned over the card at his number. Paul Alberstat said: “Who the f**k are you, Dunninger?” This is really a huge, heavy (when printed out) work with lots to pick from, both in so many effects and in so many methods and variations.

By the way, if you already know in advance that these are all just card tricks, and that’s how your audiences will see my material when you perform it, then you’ll either have a real eye-opener when I reveal to you my what’s, how’s, and why’s, or I’ll agree with you right now and admit you’re right. My TMC is not for you. And that’s O.K.

** MAY WE HAVE A WORD WITH YOU – This unpublished work was written between 2009 and 2012 along with pal Larry Becker. We were (at least for that unpublished book) “The Killer B’s.” It features a nice foreword by Barrie Richardson. I will reveal and teach my DO I HAVE YOUR WORD?, one of the strongest Thought Projections yet. It’s an impromptu thriller you will treasure knowing and perform it absolutely anywhere without any preparation whatsoever! Perform it on stage, on radio, on television, by phone, also perfect while in submarines, weather balloons, and everywhere in between.

** THE BUSCH EFFECT – includes my most powerful presentations, the theory (including my P.I.E. Principle), hypnotics, and powerful convincing applications to almost any mentalism or psychic entertainment effect. Bring some to discuss. YES, I will be teaching you very powerful hypnotics for use in your mentalism. NO, I will not be teaching nor encouraging “stage hypnosis.” NO, you will not be learning how to “treat” anybody for anything. NO, I will not tell you what to say in order to sell scripts to make CD’s for back-of-the-room sales. What I will teach you are hypnotic techniques to frame and support “The Busch Effect” that you will ethically use as tools in your various presentation pieces. No more. No less. And that is more than enough! I am offering you the chance to learn from an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. You will benefit from my decades of professional experience, some original thinking, irresistible language and communication, new concepts I have never before revealed, and many techniques based on the teachings and wisdoms of my teacher’s teacher, Milton H. Erickson, M.D. himself. Dr. Erickson is considered by many to be the Father of Medical Hypnosis and one of the greatest psychiatrists of the 20th C.

You should know in advance, I am not a “stage hypnotist.” I am not going to teach you to be a “stage hypnotist” nor teach you to be some sort of a therapist for extra money and kicks, all in a few days. Many in your club or association probably already claim to do that, or know someone who does. That’s not me. So if you are looking for any of that sort of thing, my TMC is not for you. What I have to teach you is 180 degrees away from all of that, both philosophically, practically, and what you’ve probably heard or learned from “stage hypnotists” and others. Confused? If yes, I understand completely, especially if you have not yet read The Busch Factor. At my TMC, I’ll break things down for you and all my students, answer your questions and concerns, and teach you the approach, thinking, and hypnotic skills that you will need to perform this type of effect, The Busch Effect. And perform it well and often, you will!

You will learn all about the value and importance of what I call HYPNOTIC RELATIONSHIPS between you and your participants.

You will learn the benefit of how I define E.S.P. and what it means to you as a performer. No, it’s not what you think.

You will learn the power and advantage of how my E.S.P. MODEL prepares and readies your audiences.

You will learn and master the power of the most important THREE WORDS in this type of effect, perhaps in all of mentalism! These three words are also known at THE STAR PRINCIPLE. These three words will become like mother’s milk to you, and a deeply powerful concept to others! These three words will set you apart from other performers and give you instant credibility with your audiences. The Star Principle could help make you a star! These three words will even help you lead a better life! And speaking of life, the power behind these three words literally once saved mine! Read all about the incident by clicking on the tab at the top of this page. The short article is called THE NIGHT HYPNOSIS SAVED MY LIFE! As a teaching tool, I’ll explain what happened and for the very first time, explain what I did to literally save my own life. We truly are, our own first responders!

And to be clear, The Busch Factor is a book. The Busch Effect is a very broad family of effects for mentalists and psychic entertainers.

Here are just a few more descriptions of what I might include in this TMC. In no particular order …

** THE METAMORPHOSIS OF THOUGHT – A participant silently thinks of virtually anything in the world, or similarly, any word in the English language. A second person can then receive the identical thought. In a similar presentation, you can have a small group from the audience select a random target image and concentrate on it intently. The entire audience can join in on their super focusing as well. A second participant can then receive the identical thought. As can another! Real hypnotics are used in this presentation. It’s an excellent example of The Busch Effect in action. Because of their components, this effect is almost worth the entire price of the TMC! My effect is called The Metamorphosis of Thought. When I teach you my original method, you will see why it is aptly named. … Word just in from the great beyond … Harry and Bess approve!

** PATRIOTIC MIND READING – Two unpublished performance gems highlighting The Busch Effect. The first is basic, a classic in diminution. The second, a greatly expanded variation, even more astonishing. It rivals effects costing hundreds of dollars! You will be performing these favorites of mine for the rest of your performing days … and then some! I know I will!! Also included, a third bonus effect. It’s related in method, but a completely different dramatic experience for your lucky participants! 

** BUSCH’S GAZE – including the T.O.A. and R.O.A.M.

** BUSCH’S MIND’S EYE DIE – including ATAAN and both short and long distance thought reading.

** BUSCH’S BIND – A thousand dollar’s worth of indispensable language and transformative concepts, for professionals and those of professional caliber.

** BUSCH’S BLINK – A thousand dollar essential technique, including the F.O.R. Technique.

** BUSCH’S BET – An absolutely invaluable implication for all mentalism effects, beyond any known worth.

** BUSCH’S BUCS – No, BUCS is not the nickname of the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball team, not this time. It is a two-part technique that most mentalists will want to use very often, whether just the first half, the second, or both. Once you see the power and value of this quintessential example of The Busch Effect, you’ll want to use it often.

** BUSCH’S USA – USA is a very powerful and useful concept. Once learned, you will depend on it forever! The BIND, the BLINK, the BET, the BUCS, and the USA! Separate, they are each a brick of PURE GOLD. Together, you can build almost anything. They reflect a lifetime of study and proven success. In the right hands of those looking for the real inner work, the few who can recognize it, appreciate it, and only then master it … PRICELESS.

** INSTANT HYPNOTIC USA – A different kind of USA. You will use both.



** BUSCH’S PRE-WRITING LANGUAGE – This is where The Busch Effect meets my typical presentation for billet work. Learn exactly what I say, and how and why I say it. Before anything happens, it’s already happening! Like most everything in my TMC, this is being revealed for the very first time, anywhere.

** BUSCH’S MATERIALIZATION – An appearance from nowhere.


** FOUR-PLAY – Triple Blind Premonition! 

** FIVE-PLAY, A.K.A. DON’T TELL ME – A very versatile anywhere, anytime, REMOTE VIEWING, PREMONITION, SEND-ME-YOUR-THOUGHT, a ROMANTIC presentation for adults, THE GREAT CHAIR TEST, use as part of a READING, or a MR. FINGERS presentation for children. For one, on stage, or over the phone!






** “DR.” BUSCH’S INVISIBLE SILVER COINS – The Invisible Three Coin Classic. New ultra clean techniques for every occasion. If there is a “last word” on these things, yours just might be here. A few of mine are. They actually pass The Cynthia Test! Barrie had The Janie Test. Larry has The April Test. I will teach many methods for you to test! These are all solid, highly commercial solutions. I guarantee you, if you want to, you will always be ready to perform this eternal favorite! I will reveal for the very first time, the DR-MR combination. By the way, who was the very first creator to use invisible coins in mentalism? The answer I’m proud to tell you, is my friend, Larry Becker!

** STILL MORE INVISIBLE ROUTINES – With this powerful assortment of invisible routines, some based on classics, PLUS your knowledge of hypnotics, PLUS INSTANT Q. & A., you will absolutely always have some of your top drawer, favorite routines at the ready! My favorite time-test invisible routine is called THE INVISIBLE TABLE. You will positively marvel at all that is on it, and what miracles await all that witness it. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote: “What is essential is invisible to the eye!” This is one of those “worth the price of admission” items that you will learn only from me. I can safely predict and so do,  that all of my students will forever be ready and look forward to performing THE INVISIBLE TABLE anywhere, anytime they so choose. They will know its power and affect on their audience!

** HEAVY COIN SURPRISE PLUS – Updated with not one, not two, but three beautifully routined kickers creating a powerfully impressive and memorable routine! Just part of this effect is currently for sale elsewhere for $300! By it’s nature, it could fail. My routine, whether performed as stand alone parts or as the complete four part performance piece can not fail as there are no electronics or gimmicks necessary. It just naturally flows along so briskly and logically, you’ll want to perform this often!





** THE PORTAL OF THE IMMORTAL CHALLENGE – My two presentations have absolutely transformed lives. Both are as surprising and pleasing, as they are deceptive and inspirational! Using this method, you will be free to easily create and tailor your own versions of this great life lesson hiding within a wonderfully powerful performance piece!

** SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY – The “land” is ones mind! Sweet Land of Liberty is a Master’s effect about liberty, freedom, individual power and choice, and how we embrace the challenge of possibility. Along with the above Portal of the Immortal, both are as visually deceptive as well as irresistibly inspirational! Sweet Land of Liberty in particular has become a stand-up and stand-out signature piece of mine!


** TAI CHI MY CHI – Three Powerful Utilizations, for the Master in you!




** BUSCH’S HYPNOTIC COIN – introducing a new principle based on The Busch Effect.

** IN SEARCH OF THE MYSTERIOUS, MIRACULOUS UNKNOWN – Updated! Do it anywhere, any venue, for 1 at the table, 100 on stage, or over the phone in your underwear!

** WATCH IT! – Updated!

** A HANDY MIND/BODY DEMONSTRATION – Updated and expanded!

** SOMEWHERE IN TIME – A remote viewing miracle from your mind to the hands of an unseen watch. Perform it back to back, in another room, or far far away over the phone!

Well, this is just some of what I have in store for you. The investment tuition for 3 days of me plus maybe a surprise or two, or three, is $1,500. Others have charged $1,500 and much more for just one day. Or $500 for only half a day. For what I am offering you, my price point is very fair. If you are seriously interested in attending, e-mail me, tell me about yourself, your real name, your age, your full contact information including phone number, your experience, and why you want to come. This will enable us to connect and see if this is a good choice for you. The hotel is priced right, with full hot breakfast included, swimming pool, and a large fitness center. If you are seriously interested, I’ll send you more particulars and we’ll go from there. Just to be clear though in advance, this particular TMC will be limited to 10 people. I want to be able to give maximum attention to everybody. Remember, it’s my best for your best!