The AIM Technique – ACB: Anti-Constriction Breathalization




… Richard Busch

My boyhood idol wasn’t far off, although today, I would say THE MIND IS THE KEY THAT SETS YOU FREE. In America, those of us lucky enough to live here cherish among other rights, our liberty, our freedom, and our own unique pursuit of happiness. I believe that the power that appreciates and drives those three rights best begins in an unfettered mind, where our imagination and our unique talents and inner resources not only live, but can then thrive through our own choices and best efforts!

Over 3,000 years ago, Moses led my ancestors, the Hebrew slaves, out of Egypt. In 1865, the Civil War and President Lincoln ended slavery in America. That type of slavery, of one man over another, was evil and wrong on every level, surely among the worst possible times in human history. Along with the Nazi atrocities of Hitler’s Holocaust and other horrific examples still found in today’s world, it is gut-wrenching to see that while our technology evolves, man’s nature taken in the big picture, does not. Along with so much good, we still see very real evil in the world. But today, through education and hard work, we can honor the memories of our ancestors by continuing to strive to lead proud, successful lives, to the best of our ability, in freedom and liberty.

Today, all of us still sometimes suffer from a very different kind of slavery. Occasionally, we all can become slaves to conditioned patterns of stress, crippling anxiety, irrational thoughts, habits, behaviors, ideological rigidness, forced demands on what others must think, say, or do or else something unfortunate will happen. Whether behavioral, ethnic, religious, racial, or ideological, all types of slavery, whether forced on others or self-imposed are at the very least, unnecessarily burdensome and go all the way up to pathetic and unacceptable. Slavery to such patterns can ruin lives, destroy friendships, marriages, families, sometimes even from one generation to the next.

Stay with me on this and pay close attention. I’d like you to consider something that is very important and may be quite valuable to you. But first, you have to promise me that you will never forget it and promise to take it to heart. OK? … Good. 

Imagine a big, impenetrable box, with heavy-duty locks on top. Each one of us can occasionally get trapped inside their own big, impenetrable box. Why are we in there? Because we’ve thought our way inside, where we are slaves to some patterns of stress, irrational thoughts, or rigid ideological agendas. Being slaves to our own thoughts put us in there, and being slaves to our own thoughts keeps us there, trapped! Only The Great Houdini could possibly escape from the box because those locks on the outside, are unreachable from the inside! But you’re not Houdini, so what can you do? 

The only way for you to escape from this locked box and this type of slavery that has you chained to a belief … is for you to think a new learning or wisdom “outside the box.” You see, these boxes are made for you to think your way out of.

The only way for you to escape this type of slavery, is to think a new learning, a wisdom, a great truth “outside the box,” and then genuinely act on it. And amazingly, as soon as you do, you will be curiously delighted to find out that the box doesn’t really open at all … it just vanishes. POOF! You see, it was never really there in the first place. It just felt that way. It was a manifestation, a hallucination caused by some form of limiting thinking that you believed. The very minute you realized the real truth and not that old lie, I mean really “got it” and then sincerely “acted on it,” you instantly became FREE! The fact is, thoughts and beliefs may or may not be true. They could be dreadful lies that hurt us and hold us back. But one thing is always true. Either way, they can be very powerful and long lasting. 

Now is it always that easy, where bad things just go POOF? Of course not. I wish it were! But it might be part of the secret, your secret and a key, a way out to freedom and liberty. Sure, one can be stubborn and choose to stay trapped for various reasons (all untrue), or, one can recognize the trap, learn something, think and act differently, and then take that first step to ESCAPE THAT OLD TOXIC BONDAGE that you really need to outgrow, deserve to outgrow, and seriously let go of. So think and choose wisely! The answer and first step towards freedom and liberty, is in your hands. Always has been. Always will be. 

That first step just may be a meditative technique to stop the merry-go-round cluster of unhealthy patterns and multi-tasking blur, so you can regain you breathing, profoundly release and relax in a unified mind/body way, and then slowly start making better choices and a personal course of action. Sound like a plan?

It is!

As I said on the previous reel, the best hypnotic I know is my AIM Technique. It is a sort of bridge between meditation and hypnosis. A.I.M. stands for Applied Inner Mind and Applied Ideo Motor, Ideo being mind, Motor being body, or mind/body. My clients will learn all about what Anti-Constriction means, what a Busch Breath is, and how they all come together beautifully to make Breathalizations. Most importantly, everyone will learn how these terms and the powerful responses they evoke will bring incredible comfort and help change their lives for the better!

An estimated 98.6% of all human beings can learn and benefit from daily practice of my AIM Technique. It can even be “personalized” to you, your beliefs, your way of life, what’s important to you. Don’t go into the real world and try to live life without it! In our world, one needs and deserves a comforting mind-body method to quieten ourselves back down to eustress. And little can do that better than my AIM Technique, the fastest, most powerful and precise mind-body meditative-hypnotic technique ever devised! Plus, as cream cheese goes with a bagel, AIM goes with STAT.

As I always say, “In difficult times, you deserve to do better and feel better. You have the power to do both. I can help you.”