Private Instruction

Welcome! I knew you’d visit this page because you are enjoying your excursion here and naturally curious to learn more. As you’ve surely noticed by now, this site has been designed to give different visitors who expect different things, different experiences. People tend to want validated what they are uniquely predisposed and will react to … what they expect, believe in, or think they need to happen. Who are we to disappoint them? As a fellow mentalist, you know very well how important this bit of information can be, not only on stage or at the table, but in life. I truly believe our skills and techniques are just as powerful, no, even more powerful off stage than on. Just ask any politician! Or is there really any such thing as “off stage?” Ask Shakespeare!

I understand that you are interested in finding out more about studying privately with me. Good. I am interested in finding out more about you too. By nature and training, I’ve been teaching professionally for 50 years. I am a performing artist by experience and degrees, in that order. Whether by teaching, creating, performing, writing, or doing hypnotherapy, I believe most everything is an artistic, creative expression, or should be. It’s also an effective communication, and must be. And that has everything to do with what I have to offer you.

Let’s be specific. What I am offering you is graduate level, one-on-one private instruction. I’m not looking to work with the passively curious or those who merely want to see (for example) a performance of what the art of good billet work (or whatever) should look like. Applicants should be seriously interested in learning to perform themselves the fine points on a professional caliber level, the subtle movements, the psychology, to absorb exactly what, how, when, and why I do what I do, and then practice anew to eventually make it their own.

We will sit side by side as we work. You will see virtually every movement, hear every word, and experience every performance moment as it links to the next: from the front, from the back, from the side, from the top, from every angle. Your questions will be answered immediately as they come up. No book, VHS, or DVD can ever take the place of this kind of learning.

In music, the arts, and other endeavors, this type of intensive teaching experience is called a “Master Class.” That is exactly what I am offering you, though I prefer to call it a Teaching Master Class (TMC). It is who I am and what I do best. Attending lectures and learning in smaller groups are wonderful experiences, and I offer them too. But a TMC, whether in a one-on-one interaction or smaller group setting, are both very special and each offer amazing opportunities for learning and solidly getting one’s feet on the Royal Road to artistic mastery.

Will our time together be inexpensive to the uninformed? NO. Will it be a wise investment to those who understand and appreciate the real work and want to earn the right to perform it? YES. Whatever you bring to our TMC, I will build on and help you energize and transform that latent upside potential in you.

Our time of study together is negotiable, depending on our schedules, your travel time and needs. 2 1/2 days is optimum. Hotel accommodations are only a few minutes away. A single day together is good too. If you are traveling through Pittsburgh, just a morning or afternoon is very brief, but also a possibility.

If you are seriously interested, let me hear from you. Tell me about yourself, who you are, what you do, and why you are considering further study with me at this time.

You might also want to schedule in the time to learn my AIM Technique for yourself. Consider it a valuable gift, from you to you. It will change your life for the better as it has for so many others. You and I both know, you deserve it. And I already know, you’ll love it!