STAT- Sudden Tactical Aim Technique

STAT for Sudden Tactical Aim Technique is a shortened version of my AIM Technique. It is designed for people who either will or may require immediate response skills at a high level of peek performance, suddenly, with just a few seconds notice. STAT comes from the Latin “statim” which means instantly or immediately. I’ve devised this abbreviated “sudden” technique for people such as military, police, first responders, martial artists, ordinary law abiding citizens who “carry,” athletes, doctors who already say “stat” when a medical emergency or crisis first presents itself, and virtually anyone who may need to spring into any purposeful action with literally seconds to spare, if any.

My STAT clients will properly learn the complete AIM Technique and then three versions of the STAT. In reality then, it all becomes AIM-STAT. Which of the four they will choose to use will literally be determined by the moment in life itself. Thus, the need to master all four plus all the AIM variations. I believe this to be the easiest, quickest, most natural antidote for the fight-flight response (really reaction) ever devised. As such, I recommend it for all human beings who seek immediate peek performance response skills as they face their various life situations and demand tactical excellence, or just want to do and feel better, in a very complicated, uncertain world.


Lives may depend on it!

And certainly, your health, comfort, and greater enjoyment of life!